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Lich Hand to Destroy Flower (2020)

Lich Hand to Destroy Flower (2020)


«Jiang Fei» (or Red Concubine) was another fairytale from Pu Songling’s «Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio». Young girl is murdered by a vampire, and the police constable Song Yichen investigates the scene of the crime and finds that the deceased has a flower mark on her forehead. When Song Yixin is attacked by a tree spirit, the flower fairy Jiang Fei, who is on duty on earth, saves him and brings him to the Three Heavens. Song Yixin discovers an identical flower mark on the forehead of Aunt Jiang Fei and suspects that she is the real killer. Lei Ning’er, the head of the Demon Hunters Clan, assists Song Yichen in his investigation of the case. Her true identity is that of a tree spirit, and she is doing all this to find her way into the Three Worlds to avenge the murder of her aunt. Lei Ning’er repeatedly frames Concubine Jiang, and even kills Feng Yan, who is in love with Song Yichen, to frame Concubine Jiang.

Other Name: 妖手摧花



Duration: Mint

Released: 2020-10-16

Cast: , , , ,

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